Shell Light is of lighting design company form Germany. We are specialized in decoration lighting design and installation for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and residential housing projects.

Our service is to assist our customers in the design phase of the lighting project and to supply right product for the installation. This includes the mount for wall, table  floor lamp and depending on the design we are able to match brightness and color requirements. Our products are made for indoor, outdoor and underwater applications.


  • Wall Lamp

  • Table Lamp

  • Floor Lamp

  • Underwater

  • Indoor

  • Outdoor


All our shells are 100% natural products. Seashells and freshwater shells are produced by animals as a protection against the environment. When the animal leaves the shell, the empty shell is washed to the shore, where it is collected. We combine the shells with lights to highlight the form, the structure, natural colors and  materials. 

Shells are made of calcite and aragonite. The materials are combined in a way that it inhibits transverse crack propagation and makes shells very strong and resilient with a Young's modulus of 70 GPa . Most shells are made of three layers: 1) The outermost layer of the shell is a colorful material called periostracum is a thin organic coating or "skin" of the shell. 2) The prismatic layer in the middle.

3) The innermost layer of some shells is nacre (also known as mother of pearl). Nacre is very strong and iridescent. (Iridescent means that the object appear to change color as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes. (soap bubbles are another example for this phenomenon). The iridescent and transparent features of nacre makes it very interesting for decoration and lighting.


The iridescent nacre (also known as mother of pearl) is visible.

When the light source is bright, the inner structure of the nacre is visible. The light from the lamp is warm white color.




Product Shell Lamps


OR1) Ocean Rose



 SF2) Staring into the fire



VI3) Volcanic Islands



DH4) Dancing Heart Beat



AS5) Alien Spark




GP6) Glowing Mother of Pearl





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